Heating Service for Wisconsin Rapids

High Tech Ventilation & Air Conditioning can keep your place warm and comfortable with our heater and furnace service. You can contact our team for repairs, replacement and maintenance to your heating system. We proudly serve our customers in the Wisconsin Rapids area looking to find solutions to your heating concerns. Our experienced, certified technicians can do a full inspection of your heating system, from the furnace to the vents, and recommend the necessary service that you need. We service all major brands, and makes and models of all types. We can replace your system with a new unit that keep every room inside your home comfortable, as well as lower payments on your monthly energy bill. Contact our trusted HVAC experts t o get a free estimate on a heating system replacement.

Emergency Repairs to Your Heating System

We can come to your property at a moment’s notice if you have a critical issue affecting the performance of your furnace and heating system. Our team is here to get your heating system up and running so that you won’t freeze on a cold winter night. Contact us if you are noticing the following issues in your home:

  • Furnace Not working
  • Forced Air Furnace Repairs
  • Direct Vent Furnace Repairs
  • Wall Heater Replacement
  • Boiler Service
  • Air Flow concerns
  • Lack of Heat in Certain Rooms
  • Water Heater Repairs