Heating and Cooling Service for Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

We Service all Comfortmaker® and Tempstar® products.

Everyone who lives in the wide swings of weather found in the Midwest knows the importance of a properly serviced and maintained air conditioning and heating system in the places where they spend their time. At High Tech HVAC Co., we are here to make sure that all of these systems in your home or your office, restaurant, or other commercial space stay in tip top shape no matter what the season.

Saving your time, hassle, and a substantial amount of money on your annual energy bill, we're confident that our service pays for itself and will go a long way towards improving the everyday quality of your life.

Certfied Comfortmaker®
Installaton & Repair

Surround Yourself with Long Lasting Comfort

Whether you're looking to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter, we have a furnace or air conditioning solution perfect for your exact needs. Offering a wide selection of choices from Comfortmaker, the name of this brand explains precisely why we almost exclusively deal in their products. Capable of keeping you in the peak range of a comfortable climate controlled environment no matter what the season, you simply can't go wrong with equipment from this truly superb company.

24/7 Emergency Services

Get Emergency Repairs For Your HVAC Systems

Unlike so many other contractors out there of all stripes and varieties, we are proud to offer true 24/7 customer service. It doesn't matter what time of the night it is, whether something went wrong with your restaurant's air conditioning system went offline right before the dinner rush or your home's furnace stopped putting out heat in the middle of night during the dead of winter, we are on call around the clock to ensure that the areas in which you live and work are always just a phone call away from pure climate controlled bliss.